3D HawkEye Scanner

Automated part identification and profile measurement

Automated part identification (without barcode, RFID or label)

Dimension and profile measurement, determination of the color spectrum

Increased productivity through fast identification of parts

100 % completeness check of commissions after painting

Part identification in seconds and secure commission checking

Personnel-intensive and exhausting sorting of fronts and parts is not necessary!

With the HECHT 3D Hawkeye scanner, each part is identified and assigned to the correct commission. With a few employees, the parts are sorted into the designated commissioning trolleys.


3D HawkEye Scanner

Application images 3D HawkEye Scanner

A camera-laser combination with image processing software is used to compare the profile images with previously taught-in parts. The commission is checked for completeness and the desired label is printed.


3D HawkEye Scanner


Increase your throughput with HECHT AG measuring systems - we are happy to answer any questions you may have!

Error-free sorting

Simple parts sorting, error-free

Easy picking

Complete commissions, no subsequent deliveries

Time saving

Reduction of lead times

Technical data

3D HawkEye Scanner

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